Laundry Soap Project- Meet Mellissa

Mellissa is a busy wife and Mom to three. Always on the hunt for good deals and products she can trust to use with her family she has joined up with us to share her opinion on making her own soap! (She makes candles too, you’ll see a review of an awesome candle she sent me later!) I want to thank her for taking the time out of her busy schedule for helping me and the rest of the Soap Project Moms with this !

A Soap Interview with Mellissa-

Q- What’s your Recipe for soap?
A.- I make a double batch of
-2 boxes of Borax
-2 boxes of washing soda
-16 cups of baking soda
-1 bar of the Fels Naptha Soap
-5 bars of Zest body soap

Q- What do you like or dislike about the soap you make?
A- I really like the smell before using. It doesn’t leave a heavy scent but the laundry smells clean.

Q- Compared to the brand of soap you used to buy, how does this soap hold up? Does it get the job done?
A- I used to buy the Sun laundry soap and this homemade laundry  soap leaves the laundry much cleaner, I think!

Someone had fun getting these jeans dirty!
The soap does the trick!
Q- Do you use the homemade laundry soap for anything else?
A- I have used it in my dishwasher! It really cleaned the dishes well and left no soap residue or taste unlike the other ones I used.
Q- How much did you spend making your soap?
The borax at my store was $3.47 a box (so times 2 was $6.94)
The washing soda was $2.97 a box (so times 2 was $5.94)
The Fels Naptha Soap was $.97
I had the 5 bars of body soap on hand
The baking soda was $5.97 for a large bag I use 2/3 of
All together I spent $19.78
It made 567 loads of laundry soap.
I use 1/8 cup per load :O)
Q- Is there anything else you’d like to tell other Mom’s or fellow readers about the soap?
A- If you like a heavy scent this soap is not for you, But it cleans better than any soap I have used before and was cheap and easy to make! You won’t be sorry for trying it!
*Want to join this project? Read more about it here* Thank You Mellissa for Joining up with My Side of Life and the other Mom’s for this Project !!
Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this post or reivew. These are my own personal opinions that I was willing to share for an honest review on My Side of Life.