Weekend Project- Clean it up!

This week between the heat and cranky kids I’ve tried to be on top of  cleaning the house. As we’re doing more outside than inside, it’s not an easy task. More yard work gets done, less inside gets done.

My weekends have become a quick round house pick up, only to fall short within the five minute my kids wake up and walk out of their rooms. The term most used this week “It looks like the toy box exploded in here.”
In the time it takes to slice an onion , my kids can empty a toy box, spread it’s contents across three rooms and then be no where in sight by the time I ask them to clean it up. It amazes me how quick they can dump, spread and run all in under five minutes. Remarkable really, I think they should get a medal for it.

Not to top their own record though, not ten minutes after it’s all picked up, and put away nicely, I come to find out their rooms are even worse. It takes five minutes to pull everything from the dresser, less than that to dump over a box of toys and even less time to run their arms against the top of the dresser and – shove all the books off till they fall to the floor. (which rarely happens, thank goodness)

They claim a toy has fallen, or was tossed, and or lost which is the reason behind the entire toy exploding drama. Oddly enough they find the missing toy within all that mess, Yet they can’t seem to find it when things are neatly put away.

Who knew? ha!

4 thoughts on “Weekend Project- Clean it up!

  1. SocialStudiesSoubrette

    Weird stuff is certainly going on in your house ;D Perhaps some elves are up to no good. Trixy elves always getting kids in trouble.

    It's okay to have a messy house it just means your busy making memories but I certainly understand the frustration chica!

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