Weekend Project- Craziness!!!!

This weekend hasn’t gone as it was planned. In fact it’s still not going the way I would have liked it to go. To be a tad more specific the kids in the house have gone off the charts crazy and I’ve reached the conclusion there’s no stopping it. I’m a Mom though, and crazy is my life. Kids will and do have bad days just like all of us, and they will certainly make it known that they are the very best at creating chaos within a blink of an eye!

 There were tons of things that had to be done this weekend though, none of which were finished.

Next week is my oldest daughters birthday, she’ll be six! She mentioned she wanted a box, something like the one my husband built my son a few months back. Problem is, she won’t be able to open that, or even move it let alone put it in her room. So I came up with the idea of making a jewelry box for her!
It’s nearly finished, I’m fitting a cloth to fit inside the tray my husband built. He stained it and is finishing up dividers before he puts the hinges and lock on it.

I am also trying for the second time to make a jean purse for my daughter, she loves purses and the last one she had, tore. I thought maybe with the jeans, which we have plenty of,  would hold up better for her. Though I had no idea how out of control my kids would get the second I sat down to try it. I messed it up three more times, and tossed it into a sock drawer. I quit, for now at least. It irks me when I can’t finish things but there’s no way it’ll be done while they are awake.

Wouldn’t you know the moment I stopped working on it, they stopped the screaming and yelling?
 What are they all doing now?  All playing together, but I know it’s a trick. The moment I try to get a drink for myself, or pick up a book,or the phone, maybe even grab a snack, or start cooking dinner, they’ll be all over me. Tricky little monsters aren’t they?


3 thoughts on “Weekend Project- Craziness!!!!

  1. Grace

    My last project to clean one wall for a weight bench just turned into a 4 day project. This one sounds like a better idea than mine.

  2. SocialStudiesSoubrette

    Ah projects, the undoer of all things well meant! We had a project weekend as well. Most of them are half done :/ It bugs me to no end but Hubs is perfectly happy to leave them half done until the second coming of Jesus ;D

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