Weekend Project- Make some Cute Bee Walnut Magnets

My kids pick up so much on our walks, rocks, grass, weeds, nut shells. Anything that looks cool to them they bring it home and put it into a collection. I’ve since come up with ways to use some of the things, like the beads I’ve turned them into a few wire crafts I’ve posted about.
 The walnut shells can be turned into cute little bug magnets. I find them super easy to make bee’s.

Supplies Needed

Walnut shells any size would due
Colored Craft wire, I used black
Wire cutters (do not use scissors)
Hot Glue Gun
Magnet big enough to fit on the back

Paint your design on the shell, waiting for the paint tro dry before you paint the eyes on. It only took twenty minutes, before I did the eyes.While it’s drying measure your wire out to the length you want the wings to be, I cut mine to less than 2 inches.Bend them the way you want them for the wings.

Once the paint is completely dried, flip it over and hot glue the magnet in place, and place the wings in as well making sure the ends are in the glue well enough to hold. Set and leave to comletely cool.

This is a fun project for the kids to do! Turns their treasures into something to keep forever. You could easily make them into ladybugs as well. 🙂 Enjoy!

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