Weekend Project- Something different

  Mustard Greens are like, Kale, and Collards, you would cook them till they were tender. My husband loves the greens cooked with Ham, normally I’ll just save a ham bone and toss it in there to simmer for an hour. Other times steam it and he’ll eat it with some garlic or red wine vinegar. The kids aren’t much of a fan for the leafy greens, but they will eat it. I grow all three of the greens, but by far I think my favorite is the Mustard. It brings a new taste, and it adds much more flavor to dishes. I’ll even put it into a sandwich and grill it. I want to make some fried zucchini and mustard green cakes to see how it pairs up, it’ll be an easy way to use alot and a tasty snack at the same time. 
A quick new way I’ve found to use up a good portion of our greens, is to make some Cornbread Mustard Green stuffing. Even the kids love it!
It’s really simple, and there’s many ways to dress it up. I bet it you like a sausage stuffing, these greens would make a good addition to your favorite recipe. I’ve used this to stuff a beef tenderloin and even just put in a casserole dish to cook in the oven.

Using the recipe I did for Mother’s  Day dinner, I subbed the Collards for the Mustard. I also added an egg in there, and just put it down in a casserole dish to bake for about thirtyy minutes. It came out wonderfully!  Using up about 6 cups to make it, I didn’t waste an ounce of a days worth of harvest from the garden.

I think I snacked on this more than anyone else in the house, couldn’t help it, I love it! Even better when it’s homemade cornbread, which is a must to do if you’ve never made it, check this recipe out. Super easy to make, you won’t be sorry!

Trying new things is fun!

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