Did you Know Tuesday- Fall Garden

I’m late posting today. It’s been rather busy with school starting tomorrow and vacation chaos. I’ve mentioned before how now is the time to plant for the fall garden. You need to check your planting zone, to see what’s good to plant around your area, each is different.

I directly sowed in lettuce with a few other greens, mustard greens carrots, peas, beans and broccoli. These are the Mustard Greens.

You can sow mustard greens indoors every ten days to ensure a complete summer and fall harvest each week. With the weather switching up so much at the beginning of spring, I lost alot , but was able to have a full summer long of the greens. Now  that these seeds took, I’ll have it throughout the fall and start of winter. You can do this with just about any other green that matures fast, with mustard greens it’s 35-50 days or so, depending on the variety you get.

Our weather here in Northern California allows me to get in a longer late planting season, so peas which need the heat are alright. They were started nearly two weeks ago, and are about six inches high. Along with the greens, and carrots I put in more chives, which pretty much take care of themselves. It really isn’t that late to plant for the fall, or at least for my area it isn’t.

Check out the local Nursery for any plants they may have to plant around this time , it may be too late to be directly sowing seeds for some things.(seed packs also say whether they can be directly sowed outdoors, or start in doors) A good way to see if it’s good to plant to use for fall harvest is look on the back of the seed packet. Most have two things you need to look for, first look for it’s weather compatibility. Some will say, they thrive in heat, others will say they need a cooler environment, so you need to take that into consideration.
    The second thing to look for is the Maturity date. If it’s 60 days and under, you can probably plant it now. Things like pumpkins, take 90-110 days, so consider these not a good idea. Check the coverage of your yard or area you will use to plant in, match it up with the needed sun for the seeds and mark the days to harvest. I honestly don’t do anything else other than this when ever I plant. I keep track of the weather and soil health, so I know when a good time to plant is year round. It can be that simple, it’s the caring and tending that follows that’s the hardest work. Just don’t give up, and you’d be surprised at how much you can grow!

What’s growing around your house right now? Anyone starting a fall garden?

4 thoughts on “Did you Know Tuesday- Fall Garden

  1. LisaWeidknecht

    Fall garden? It's still 105 degrees every day here in Texas. And with our drought, there won't be much growing this year. I'll wait and spend my money on trees I think, for hopefully future shade for future droughts. LOL

  2. SocialStudiesSoubrette

    It's still very hot here in Virginia but I have been contemplating a fall garden this year. I would like to put out some onions, lettuce, and spinach. In order to do that I really need to buy some seeds and onion sets ;D Pickings are slim guess I will have to order some, pronto!

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