Did you Know Tuesday- Seeds!

As my tomatoes are coming in, I’ve been taking one or two from each vine and setting them aside for harvesting seeds. I’m normally really good at labeling things, in fact I have post-it’s pretty much everywhere with lists on them to keep organized. Only this time around I completely forgot to label my seeds that I harvested!
 Ha, oops on me! I know pretty much which they are anyways, but it’s still a good idea mainly if you plan on sharing your seeds to label things.

Right now I have three jars full of seeds which are my heirloom ones. They are the hardest to find so I make sure I harvest them each year.  You can read about harvesting tomatoe seeds here, and don’t forget to label them!!

I have even started saving flower seeds from the wild patch flowers my girls planted.
 The pods normally fall off to the ground, splitting open letting the seeds spread by themselves, but since I want to plant more next year in a different place without having to buy seeds I need to collect them fast.
 These are California Poppies, bright orange flowers.

After the flower petals fall off a long pod starts to fill with seeds and it’ll drop to the ground. They can be about 3-4inches long.  
I wait until it starts look a little dry at the tips, before picking them and seal them into bags or an envelope. It’ll dry by itself and you’ll have many seeds to use.  
 Poppies are easy to grow, and bring a lot of color to your yard, all you need to do is remember to water them 🙂

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