Frank’s RedHot Thick Cayenne Pepper Sauce Review !!

I Love me some hot sauce!! As if you didn’t already know that. My husband may put ketchup on everything but I put Hot- hot-hot sauce on everything. Seriously everything, plain rice, pizza, bread, English muffins, eggs, salsa, dip, salads, any kind of meat, I’ve even taken it over to the seafood dishes. It’s lip smacking good and you can’t ever pass up Frank’s RedHot Sauce! If you pass it up, somethings very wrong with you. Really, what is wrong with you?!
 Just kidding, well sort of. 🙂
There’s a New sauce out there by Frank’s, and by gosh he made this one with a tangy kick! The New Sauce is called Frank’s RedHot Thick Cayenne Pepper Sauce  , it’s tangy and it’s smacking goodness fits in with just about everything you are about to eat. Dips, spreading and well everything in between.
I’ve used the sauce for a tartar sauce on top of a Salmon burger,  Along with a bratwurst, hot dog, chili, beans, pizza, salad, a spicy aioli  for a steak wrap sandwich, buffalo wing dip, and pretzel dip…….Let’s just say the bottle is empty and I walked into my local store asking twice for them to carry this sauce on the shelf. It’s not fun running out of sauce, it’s like a horror movie. You make a fried egg sandwich, butter up the bread, lay a pickle on top, sprinkle pepper on it, then stare at it.  It’s naked and begging for something saucy. Well, I ate all the sauce, and now I dont’ want a plain fried egg sandwich! I want sauce, Franks Redhot sauce!!!
OK, so I may be a tad addicted to hot sauce, but really is that so bad? Franks Redhot Thick sauce has an extra tang to it, unlike the Original and Buffalo Style sauce that my store always has in stock the thick sauce brings an extra flare. It’s thicker obviously so it makes for a great burger sauce. It would also be great with grilled chicken, which if I had another bottle I’d use it for. You can check out the Franks RedHot site, for their yummy recipes!
My kids don’t like the sauce (yay more for ME!) Neither does my husband (haha it’s all MINE)  Which means I can pop up some popcorn and pour some of this tasty sauce all over it and no one will touch it!
 Remember my Franks RedHot Popcorn? Oh no, you don’t? Let me refresh,
 This was using the buffalo style but I did use the Thick sauce this way too,(no picture due to me breaking my camera)  It was really good, I loved it! You can find that recipe here and just use whatever Frank’s Redhot sauce you want, I bet they’d all make a great popcorn topping.
What are you waiting for? Go, get the sauce, use it, taste it, buy more and send me a bottle. Wait, make it a case, better yet, just send me whatever is on the shelf. 🙂
*Disclosure- I received the products mentioned above from Frank’s RedHot  in order to write an honest review. No monetary compensation was received for this post. I did not have to write an positive review, Any and all opinions are and will always be my own.*

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