Our Non Vacation, Vacation

This week was supposed to be our vacation, first time in two years. Our last one ended with an ER trip for my husband, and the kids being so car sick they hated us for even mentioning a car afterwards. Just picture eight hours with four kids taking turns of getting sick, over, and over. And over. Eight hours both ways, as well. The entire vacation trip lasted about 24hrs, ending with my husband not being able to breath and heading to the ER. He had pneumonia. We had been up in Lake Tahoe,with the higher altitude it seemed to heighten what he already had (but didn’t know).  We barely left the condo we stayed at , only  to pick up more 7-up, or crackers. It was horrible, let’s just end it with that.

This week we had stuff planned! Fun stuff for the kids! Trains, Beach, Zoo, hiking, lots of fun. The only problem was, the first day which was a fishing trip for the boys ended quick, when our son got too car sick on the way to the lake, as well as on the boat. He came back, dragged himself in bed and begged us to cancel the rest of our plans as he wanted nothing to do with a car. Ever.

So we did just that, canceled everything until last Friday when we (silly us) figured we could handle what was to come. It was horrible. I felt so bad for the kids getting motion sickness like that. I guess with the added summer heat it makes it that much worse. Whenever we stopped to air them out, we’d be surrounded by high heat and sun. Pretty much putting them over their limits. We never made it to where we wanted to go, went to the in laws, for a few hours. Long enough to clean them up and promise if they got in the car we’d give them milk shakes. Twenty minutes later on the road, all I hear is this “Mom, I don’t care about a milkshake, I just want it to stop!”

 Yeah, talk about ripping your guts out. Poor kids, looked liked they were riding some sort of carnival ride and were green in the face. We made it home in one piece,  But wait! It didn’t stop there!

As if we didn’t want to close out the summer without a full complete “horrible no good vacation ” story for the kids to remember for ever, we took them out for breakfast! Oh YES!  I think our kids hate us right about now. They had a blast at the restaurant, everyone ordered up something I would never let them have, I had a nice meal that someone else made, someone else served and cleaned up after. I was in heaven myself, the kids were just in excitement mode, until we got back on the road. *sigh* They nearly made it home , we hit the driveway when they all started turning green.

Well hey, at least they have some interesting stories for their classmates when school starts this week!!

“And what did you do over your summer break young man?”

 “Oh, I got sick all over the car about a dozen times! I even got to puke in a lake! Dad said he’s going to start putting buckets over our heads so we can aim right in it. Only I don’t think Mom liked the idea. ‘Course she wasn’t all that happy when I got sick all over her shoes either. Think she’ll need new ones, cause I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to wear them after that!” -My 9yr old Son.

Yeah…. Vacations are over rated for us.