Weekend Project- A Pocket for my phones

My new adventure, is trying my hand at sewing. Though I knew already it’s not going to be something I’m doing everyday, it’s nice to refresh and try new things. I’ve done a few projects, tiny stuff, then several jean purses, one for each of my girls and one that I totally screwed up is used to hold sewing things I need at hand.

My Sewing space is limited,

As you can see I share it with the vegetables!
I made little phone holders for both my phones. Both are touch phones, so my youngest daughter just loves to touch the screen whenever it lights up. She’s called people out of the blue, answered the phone, started songs, posted things on Facebook, deleted emails, written emails. Not a good thing if you ask me. I may store it out of the way, but when it lights up, she sees it and goes for it. This way, in the little pocket,  she can’t see it light up, or mess with the screen.  

I’m not the best at sewing, won’t ever be, but hey, I made a pocket for my phone 🙂 I think it’s cute, even though I messed up the top flap. I couldn’t sew it inside out like I had the purse and the bottom of this pocket as it was started to tear the stitches out. So I just sewed it as is, it’s not like my phone will complain, so it doesn’t matter to me. Just another practice project for me!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

3 thoughts on “Weekend Project- A Pocket for my phones

  1. Becky Jane

    You did a good job on your phone case. Hope it keeps little fingers away.

    I just posted today about how my 21 month old grand daughter got a hold of my daughters cell phone and called me! I couldn't figure out who it was for the longest time!

  2. Grace

    You did a GREAT job. I just moved my sewing machine to the living room where I can open it up and start sewing. I love to sew and create new things.

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