Weekend Recap – An Ending to a long friendship..

My weekend was pretty productive. Cleaned up the yard, weeded, tended the garden which is hours of work. It’s enjoyable, plus the kids are able to run around crazy like all they want while I busy myself with my lush greens.

My husband finished the second bench, which is just gorgeous!

 Instead of staining it, he put on a clear coat finish, which I absolutely love! This is heading to his Mother’s house today. Before we wrapped it up, I sat in the bench, and we measured out and planned the way the chair will be built.
 Once the pictures were taken I started climbing down and tripped on the tarp you see on the truck , smacking my camera which was already on it’s last leg, in turn breaking it for good. This was it’s very last picture. My camera lasted 5 years, and who knows how many pictures all together. I lost count after it hit nine thousand. So for the amount of time and daily use, I put into the camera I really was surprised it didn’t break sooner, or at least have issues with it. 

 I miss my camera so much….  🙁

3 thoughts on “Weekend Recap – An Ending to a long friendship..

  1. Melissa

    Oh no! I know the feeling the camera I got after Shannon was born lasted nearly 7 years. Oh well new camera right? I love the bench.

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