Weekend Recap- A Whole lot of stuff

School starts in two days, count them two whole short days. Yippie! It’s been a crazy fun summer even if we did have one of those horrible no good vacations. I did get some pictures with a borrowed camera from the trip,  this is one on one of our stops to air the kids out. We live in Wine Country, but I never get tired of looking at the beautiful vineyards!

This weekend besides all the car sickness, and vacation let downs, we were up to our eyeballs in projects. I’m making soap, which I’ll post about later on down the line. The garden needed extra attention this weekend, bugs have taken over so I had to go through handpick snails, and then dampen all the bugs with a soap/water solution. I also planted some things for fall harvest, greens mostly plus beans and peas.  If the waether stays where it is, I will have a good season before winter!
 My Husband is building me a pantry. Surprise, surprise, I’ve given him another project. 🙂  Our kitchen is small and while I would just love a pantry or china cabinet, something all fancy like inside, we have no room for it. So we made a compromise, I won’t ask for the china cabinet again, and he’ll build me what I need until we get a bigger house there is more room for the cabinet.
 It’ll hold four pull our drawers, and we’re working on an idea for a lock. The idea behind this was, I have canning supplies as well as other kitchen items that are not in one place. Since we have so Little room many things end up getting broken, so this way I can not only put the items away, they can be locked so the kids cannot mess with them. It’ll go right next to our freezer out on the porch. Perfect solution!
What projects are going on at your house?

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  1. SocialStudiesSoubrette

    Bummer that your vacation went badly. The vineyard pictures are gorgeous though! What a lucky gal you are that Hubby is making you a pantry! We are working on fixing the wall where our dog tried to tunnel out. Dern dog!

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