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My Mom used to make this amazing Pepperoni Loaf when I was a kid, it’s almost like the Hero Loaf that I just love, but different. Instead of folding the filling in, the loaf would be rolled. For some odd reason it’s all I’ve wanted lately, so not having the recipe I came up with my own. Funny thing was, I posted on Facebook about trying it out, guess out of all the people who suddenly remarks about it? My Mother! Of all the people to see my status, of all the times, and that’s not it either. Guess who’s had the recipe for the Pepperoni Bread all this time? Guess who didn’t ever share that recipe with any of her five kids? Hmm?

 After all this time, she not only had the recipe, she had it on hand. Think I got the emailed recipe a total of forty minutes after I posted about the bread. She’s been holding out on us, I wonder what else she’s been keeping hidden away…..if I didn’t live three thousand miles away, I’d be raiding her recipe box right now. 🙂

On with the bread, I took go figure, my Mother’s Famous White Bread recipe.  It turned out great! My kids ate them quick, and they tasted just like I remembered!

 She normally did one pepperoni, the other ham and cheese, which I did as well. Ran out of pepperoni, so this ended up being salami with pepperoni and cheese. 🙂
All I did was followed the White Bread Recipe. I divided the dough into four pieces as directed, set aside two while I shaped two for the White bread. Set aside to rise.  The other two dough balls would be used to make 2 “meat  breads”  This is one dough ball rolled out.
I placed my fillings out over the dough, and began rolling up jelly style.(don’t over do the fillings, and go easy on the cheese) 
 Make sure it’s tight, if you leave the dough too loosely rolled you’ll have huge pockets when the dough is cooked. Pinch the ends and seal it up, placing it seal down on a prepared sheet. I don’t spray my baking sheets, I just sprinkle cornmeal on the pans. I let it rise till doubled, and then baked it. It took just under 30 minutes for the loaves to bake at 350F. They will be HOT, so let it sit before you cut them, and serve with dipping sauces of choice. This isn’t much different than the Hero Loaf or the other “meat bread” I do, it was just a different bread dough, but I like this so much more !
You can find My Mother’s White Bread Recipe here, which is what I used.
Here are Two Recipes for the Hero Loaf, Both easy to do, fillings can be whatever you want pretty much.
I’ll share the Real Pepperoni Bread recipe after I make it myself!

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