Did you Know – Canning

For some reason Blogger didn’t post the last two days worth of posts. I had them scheduled, but oh well. No biggie! Our Weekend Project was a Butcher Block and I posted some updated pics of the garden!

A quick tip if you are canning this season!

 A great way to prepare the jars for canning is the dish washer! You can get them hot, keep them hot while you are working at the stove and working with one jar at a time. Just put it on rinse without putting soap in there, Or if you have a steam option use that. Keep the lids in a pot on the stove though, they need to be boiling and kept that hot until you use them. Remember to put towels along the counters as well, hot glasses touching a cold surface will break the jars!
I did some small batches of sauce this weekend as I’m getting more slicing tomatoes than canning ones. By that I mean, slicing (big beef, mortgage lifter, brandywine)   won’t really hold shape through processing, while a firm Roma , Early girl sometimes, will hold shape.  Slicing tomatoes make great sauces, though so I’m well into canning already.

Have you canned anything this season? Have a recipe to share? 🙂

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