Did you Know Tuesday

Seeds are everywhere! If you have a garden either flower , vegetable or herb, it’s a great thing to know how and when to get the seeds. There’s a lot of fun growing any kind of garden, but it’s even better if you can collect enough seeds for next years garden and not have to buy anything at all for it!

Someone asked me recently about Basil, as they were given a plant and wanted it for the next year. Easy as pie, I tell you if you want to collect seeds, so here you go my fellow Basil Grower!

   It may not look pretty in the garden with a half dead plant sticking out, but don’t pull it! This is when the seeds are developing and you want to wait till the plant is nearly dried all up before collecting. For Basil, it’ll look like this,

The stem is still green, there’s even green leaves at the bottom of the plant. But at the end of the season after it’s flowered, the pods turn brown and dry up. In each of the pods will be the seeds. Wait until it’s completely brown and dried, just pinch with your fingers to see if it’s dry. Then shell out the seeds.

Told you it was easy!

6 thoughts on “Did you Know Tuesday

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