Fire on the Hill!

This weekend seemed to be full of Hazards left and right. From Earthquakes, to fires, to the hot weather and cranky kids.  It was really hot this weekend, enough so that my kids started getting red in the face from just standing in the shade outside after a few minutes. It wasn’t fun. The weather didn’t help my canning weekend either,  It just intensified the heat inside the house with no relief.

 The Earthquakes were small, no biggie, but not a little while after that there was a fire in the hill.

 This grass fire happened around 2 in the afternoon in the hills just down from the house. Lots of smoke at first then we saw the flames. I was knee deep in picking beans when it started so I didn’t get the pictures right away. By the time I did get them, you could see the large patch of blackened burnt grass and the firefighters. Two air tankers, a helicopter, five fire trucks and a bulldozer ended it thankfully with no one hurt.  It was put out very quickly, about an hour.

This was towards the end. The planes were circling right over our heads the whole time, while the Helicopter kept dumping the water. Neat to see, and glad no one was hurt.  If you click on the picture above you can see the area of burned grass below the chopper.
Just another crazy weekend here. I’ll share the Homemade Heirloom Tomato Sauce that I canned over the weekend later this week!

4 thoughts on “Fire on the Hill!

  1. Becky Jane

    Sounds like just another day in the life of a Mom…LOL

    Seriously though, sounds like your living on the edge pretty closely! Hope you're able to get your canning done!

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