It’s Salsa Season!

Yup, Salsa Season. Not just because of Football either. The garden is booming, exploding with tomatoes!  Homemade salsa, you just can’t beat it!

You can find the recipe here, along with full instructions on how to can them yourself. It takes an entire afternoon.
I don’t know how long it would take me if I wasn’t constantly stopping to be with the kids, or do stuff around the house, kinda how things roll around here, which I don’t really mind at all. Everything happens that way around here, I just set aside more time. It takes me anywhere from three to six hours to can anything. Factor in chopping, weighting, or measuring things out, preparing your jars, your counter space, heating the water bath, and then the cooking, it goes fast. With any and all canning, I really suggest you prepare things the day before, make an assembly line out of everything, keep it as neat and tidy as you can or else it just gets too messy, and too crowded. Set aside an entire afternoon and you will not be sorry, this salsa is great!!

3 thoughts on “It’s Salsa Season!

  1. sustahl

    That looks so good. My mom and I keep saying we need to learn to can! That salsa is just another reason we really need to learn. Thanks for sharing the recipe with us.

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