It’s that time again!

For school! 🙂

Has school started for you where you live? We started two weeks ago.
So far so good here for my two school age kids. My son is going to a new school down the street from us, while my older daughter is in the same one as last year. They split the elementary school up into two, otherwise they would be going to the same one. Luckily they aren’t really that far apart but it’s super crazy getting them to school on time in two different directions. It amazes me each year the amount of traffic that piles up outside our house or at the other school. The thing that really puzzles me, is some of the people driving are just blocks away from the school.

 Our schools have adopted the walk or roll (bikes) to school motto, trying to teach the kids it’s not only good for them but the environment as well. We walk to one school the entire way, have to drive partly to the other, but walk the rest of the way. Kids have energy to spare, and parents get the fresh air that helps clear the head anyways, so it’s all around a great thing to do. I wish more would do it, or even car pool it up if they could. It would be better for everyone all around. Less cars on the roads, less traffic for the walkers to deal with, and you’d get the exercises without putting out much effort at all. Use the feet you have, and get moving! Get some fresh air, enjoy it!

I know not everyone has the option to walk to school, but if you could walk your kids to school, would you? Do you? Does the school encourage kids to find a “greener” way to get to school?

2 thoughts on “It’s that time again!

  1. Becky Jane

    Our kids attend a school that is 25 miles away. My husband takes them on his way to work. He drops them off around the corner and they walk the rest of the way! (They're all teenagers.)

    School parking lots are wild…

  2. SocialStudiesSoubrette

    School starts back this coming week here. They delay if for the fair. No joke. The fair is a really big deal here. When I worked in the city school most of my kids had to walk. There was no bus service and they walked pretty far. In the cold and the hot. Most of their parents worked so getting a ride wasn't an option. I can see walking when the weather is favorable but here in Virginia it gets cold. Really, really cold and we get snow. I wish there would have been an option for my students to ride the bus when the weather turned nasty.

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