Land O’Frost Wrap Kit Review- Yum!

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Land O’Frost Sandwich Wrap Kits are super kid friendly, so you better grab one yourself before the kids eat them all!

With school functions, hot days and hungry kids, some days it calls for something a little more simple when it comes to dinner time. Or in other words, a day that Mom doesn’t cook or turn on the oven. 🙂

Sandwich wraps are always a win around our house, my kids can’t find anything to complain about when I make them, so who am I to mess with a good thing? Dress them up, dress them down, sandwhich wraps are great any which way you make them, and now Land O’Frost makes a kit with the basic needs to get you started.

Each kit makes 5 wraps, including cheese, the tortillas , and the deli meat. We were able to try the Black Forest Ham and Swiss cheese, and the Oven Roasted Turkey with Pepper Jack Cheese (my favorite!)
I set all the ingredients out and made a buffet style set up for the kids including extra things like lettuce and tomatoes and sauce. All four of my kids lined up picked out what they wanted to build their own wrap. The Wrap Kits are great alone as well, my picky eater didn’t have anything extra just what was supplied from the kit. She loved it! My other kids got picky over toppings but it all ended with full bellies and empty plates. I was lucky to even get a taste by the end of dinner, so they really go fast.

I like how the Flour Tortillas are small, a perfect size for the kids. This kit makes a great take a long for a picnic too.  Since everything is in it’s own bag within the kit, it makes for easy clean up as well. Win – Win for Land O’Frost Wrap kits in this house, definitely something my kids love and great for on the go families!
 Check them out in your local store, as well as the other kinds of kits Land O’Frost has. 

Happy Sandwich Making 🙂
**Disclosure- I received Wrap Kits from Land O’Frost in order to write an honest review. No monetary compensation was received for this post. I did not have to write an positive review, Any and all opinions are and will always be my own.* 

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