Simple Sides – Tomatoes

There’s really no surprise with what my favorite side dish is, Tomatoes. It’s possibly my favorite over anything at all for several reasons as well. There’s never lack of taste, never lack of color and honestly it goes with pretty much everything. The best of all? How simple it is to make a simple side dish look good with tomatoes.

These are some of my Heirlooms I grew this year,  which were picked for their taste, the brilliant colors are an added bonus.  Cherokee Purple, Two different Big Rainbows (yellow, and the yellow/Orange ) Zebra  and Brandy wine along with  Black Krim. 
I consider these my slicing tomatoes, ones to use for sides, sandwiches and snacking. Each have a different taste, and each bite is full of a new bursting flavor. My husband favors the Black Krim,  my first year growing them , and will most definitely be growing again. They have a  distinctive taste to them, smokey almost. I think the Krim has more salty hints to it than the Cherokee Purple but both are welcome on my dinner table. 
The other tomatoes are bright in flavor, all popping in your mouth, Brandywine is one that I adore , sweet like wine. The Big Rainbow almost has a melon hint of flavor to it. My kids eyeball it as if it were some mutant piece of fruit. When I get a good handful of the different colors,  I like slicing them and plating them together. 
 Makes a pretty side dish for company.
The simplest way to serve them besides just plain slicing and eating them plain is dressing them up with wine vinegar, garlic, basil and pepper. It’s quick, and always a winner. You can add slices of Mozzarella to the plate, perfect for company! 
Dress up simple dinners with some tomatoes! If your store has different varieties, try at least one new tomato before the season is over. You may find a new one you enjoy! If you plan on planting some for the next year, you may end up tasting one you want to grow yourself!

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