Slow Down A Little!

Some days there’s no slowing me down. With four kids I am always on the move, it’s not easy, always challenging and of course  very rewarding in the end. Some days though, in the middle of the crazy chaos of my life, I stop and catch something. It could be a pretty rock, or catch a humming bird flying around, even a cool little scratch on something, doesn’t really matter. I find small things the most interesting, odd I know but go with me on this.

Have you ever gone so fast though that you rush by something? Could be an opportunity even, something if you hadn’t rushed through you may have noticed? This week that happened, several times until I slowed it down. I was rushing to get things done, By the time the afternoon comes around it’s just non stop with pickups, play dates, homework time, getting ready for dinner and so on, so I try to get most things done in the morning.
   This week I just happened to be walking through some pretty amazing things, ones some people would back away from. 
 We had a lot of rain this year so we have more spiders now, garden is crawling with them! Each row between my plants there’s another web and I barely even noticed walking through about a dozen of them before one caught my eye. I nearly walked right though it!!

I aways find the webs interesting. It’s amazing what a small little creature can do.

It was huge, it would have covered my entire head, shoulders and arms! Thankfully, since I didn’t plow right through it, I also didn’t have this guy all over me.
See what slowing down does? Saves you from big fat spiders!

Once in awhile you just need to slow it down and take a look at things 🙂

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