Walk , Walk, Walk!

Friday was our Walk-A-Thon! We do it every year, the kids love it. Just like I figured it reached close to about 100 that day. It was a blast though, even with the heat. Not as crowded as the last few years but still alot of the students showed up. We ended up staying for a few hours, just long enough to get the kids red  in the face, and worn out by dinner time, just another plus on my part!

Two of my girls walking,

Son always on the move!

 Everyone did great, they were all pushing to do more laps, and having the live DJ there made all the students rocking out as they walked. Most the parents sit it out, cooling off in the shades cheering the kids on. Since I’ve got the younger ones and sitting still just is not an option for them, I always walk it. It’s fun, plus it helps get more younger kids out there supporting their older siblings.
My Kids 🙂
I was lucky to get them to sit still for the picture, it was just so hot, and they heard I had fresh ice pops at home, so they were in a hurry to go home and cool off. I love their red cheeks 🙂
Maybe next year the weather will me slightly cooler! Hey, I can always hope!

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