Weekend Project- Making a Butcher Block

My Mother asked for a butcher block for her knives, and wouldn’t you know it, my husband had just finished a project so he needed a new one!

He had the block nearly finished, when he tossed it aside to start over.  This was after I had already sent pictures to my mother, asked her about options, got her input and everything. Over the weekend he turned this

Into this.

 He doesn’t think much of it most likely because he’s the one doing it, but I think it’s art and I can never get tired of watching the work go from start to finish. šŸ™‚

One thought on “Weekend Project- Making a Butcher Block

  1. Becky Jane

    It is exciting to see the transformation of an old piece of wood into something beautiful.

    I enjoy working with old wood because with just a little sanding, the natural beauty can be seen! It's like finding a treasure!

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