Did you Know Tuesday – Meet a New Mom Blogger!

Melissa over at Something Like Life , is a busy Mom like myself! She’s  always on the run, whether making a dozen or so fun cupcakes, chasing her kids down or remodeling her home, she’s moving all the time! As if she’s not busy enough, Mellissa is crafty too! She started making candles in her spare time, which I’m glad she started, because I was lucky enough to try one of them out. She sent a homemade candle my way and I’m tempted to beg her for more. 🙂

It smells so good, just like Strawberry Cheesecake, which can just end up making you hungry, and this candle did very quickly! It wasn’t too strong, which is the top reason I’m so picky about candles. Their scents tend to over power everything and I do not enjoy that one bit. You want a nice smell, not one that makes you wish you never picked it up to begin with. The scent Mellissa made the candle out of was so different from the regular ones you find at the store,  it was a real welcome addition to my home.  She put it into a pretty glass for me. Isn’t it just pretty?

Mellissa is also new to Blogging! She tried to get it going awhile ago, and just started back up, so  If you have a minute go on over to Something Like Life and say hello! Tell her I sent you, and check out what she has up already. She wrote up a wonderful tutorial on candle making , which is really interesting. Here’s hoping she’ll get back into making candles and share them with us all, and I’m telling you she makes great ones! Send her some blog love, she also has a new Facebook page , so check that out as well!

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