Modify Watches Review and Giveaway! *CLOSED*

Make it bold, make it fun, make it you! Modify Watches let’s you mix and mingle straps and faces to create a watch that you’ll love!
Modify Watches

When my watch arrived I was tickled pink at the boldness of the colors as well as how light they were. I had been waiting to try it out, as my watches tend to be boring , which is nothing like me at all. Who wants a boring watch? I’m not a boring person, weird yes, but not boring so I don’t like normal watches. See, there I go again, being weird!

Something I didn’t think I would love? How big they were, I’ve got a skinny arm,a small wrist that makes wearing watches annoying. I’ve always got to make a new hole in straps, some how get rid of the extra strap that flaps again my hand. In other words, I kinda gave up on watches due to that, it wasn’t fun, and there was no way I was picking out a child’s watch like my husband suggested! He laughs at that, all the time. “There’s one (Princess and the frog) try it on for size!” Ha. Ha. Yeah no. I’m a Mom, I want a Mom watch, cool, bold, something that screams “Me!”  Guess who found a watch that says just that? 🙂

  When I tried on the Modify Watches, I fell in love! Yes, it’s bigger, but I like it! Fits great too, and no I didn’t even have to make a new hole for myself there’s 9 notches to choose from! Talk about a win win situation here for me. I like the straps which are made of rubber making them flexible and comfortable.  It’s super easy to change up the color straps you want. Feeling dark and sexy, grab a bold color strap. Want to tone it down and play cool? Go with modern colors , or if you feel a little crazy, grab  some polka dots and brighten it up with a strap of your choice. The face is $25, and the straps are $20, the combinations are endless as well so everyone can find something they love!

 I grabbed the Blue face and Black Strap, not sure what I was going for but it’s called “Bar Fight” and it made me chuckle.

Bar Fight
The second strap was Yellow, and they have it listed as “Settlers of Catanistan”.
Settlers of Catanistan
You can go through putting together different variates, and the descriptions alone will crack you up. I love the jokes, love how much fun came from making this watch.
Now it’s your chance to have some fun and put together your own Modify Watch! Yes the Giveaway!
Giveaway Winner was comment #64 picked by
 Thanks to all that entered!

**Disclosure- I received the products mentioned above from Modify Watches,  in order to write an honest review. No monetary compensation was received for this post. I did not have to write an positive review, Any and all opinions are and will always be my own.* 

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  1. Lauren

    I decided to make a watch, because I love variety. LOL I put together the black band and pink face, "The Machine, When you're a champion, you're allowed to be a little weird."

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