Trick Or Treat Night!

Trick or Treat with us on Facebook!
 I’m joining up with a few bloggers along with our Host Grace, who owns Blessed Elements for some fun on Facebook!

Here’s Her  post explaining what will happen and how to join!

Trick or Treat nihgt with Blessed Elemetns
Tuesday October 27th at 9:00 EST
I’ll be celebrating Halloween starting on my facebook page and ending up with a give away on this blog.

Here is what you need to do:
*Stop by my facebook page (Blessed Elements) at 9:00 EST or after. (The party lasts until midnight so you can drop in anytime.)

I’ll leave a link for you to visit one of my facebook buddies so click on it and go visit them.
(Liking them is optional) but you’ll need to type Trick or Treat in the comment box under the next link they have left to visit another friend.

*Visit and collect names to the facebooks you have journeyed to and then come to my blog here and enter the give away.
Each name you collect will be worth an entry for the prizes. E.G. So if you visit 5 pages you can enter five times. Just let me know who you visited for each entry.
If your one of the hosting facebook friends that is helping me then you can enter too by visiting each page you want to use as an entry.

*The give away prizes are posted on my Trick or Treat Page
In order to be qualified to win the prize you need to let the person know you visited their page by typing Trick or Treat in their comment field of their facebook page.
*I would suggest that you open notepad or another app like that one so you can just copy and paste the facebook pages you visited and paste them in the entry form for the contest.
I hope to see you October 27th at

Happy Halloween

If you’d like to volunteer to have people trick or treat you on facebook email me here:E-mail

Facebook is not sponsoring this give away.

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