Weekend Projects

I don’t think we ever stop doing projects around here. It’s always pretty busy! This weekend though was kind of a scramble. My husband is building a Wine Rack, which looks like this so far

It will hold 12 bottles, though I don’t  think we’ve ever had a total of 12 in the house at once. It’ll be great! Can’t wait!

I’m also trying to get a cold frame set up in the yard just using things we have around the house. You know me, I don’t like buying new things if I can put it together with items we already have. It’s a work in progress. Most the winter plants have been planted though, next weeks weather turns warm again! As if we haven’t had enough of it!

Look, a Hat full 😉

 Garden is still giving me plenty, squash, beans, peas, and tomatoes galore. Think I picked the last of the peppers though. Someone on Facebook sent me a recipe for Tomato Pie! You can bet I’ll be posted that one soon ! I love new ways to use up fresh tomatoes, this will be interesting to try.

 I’ve got tons of wildflower seeds, and am thinking about giving some away. I planted the flowers between the vegetables to bring in the bees. They also brought in tons of hummingbirds as well as butterflies, so if you think you may want some, send me an email    mburbage@sbcglobal.net  

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