It’s National Sandwich Day! Come Celebrate #NationalSandwichDay

What is your favorite Sandwich? I can’t narrow mine down, it’s tied between 15. Yes I know, that’s a bit much but really, think about it.  There’s meatball sandwiches, Chicken Parmesan, tomato, roast beef, pulled pork, ham and cheese, turkey, fish , I’ll even call a shrimp roll a sandwich. Can’t forget my S’more Sammie  now that right there, is a winner. Peanut butter the classic of all times, plain cheese sandwich, cranberry (don’t ask,) Burger sandwiches, sub sandwiches, the all American BLT, meatloaf burgers, BBQ sandwiches, ! Then there’s this one right here

Stop licking the screen.

This is my Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, smothered (and I do mean smothered) in Franks Red Hot Sauce. I took a piece of chicken, coasted it in egg and hot sauce , then dipped it into a breaded flour mixture and back in with the egg and hot sauce before coating again. It was cooked fast in the frying pan and finished in the oven before I ate the whole thing up. No one touches my sandwich, ever! 🙂

Now listen up, cause here’s something to get excited about!

Land O’Frost is Celebrating National Sandwich day with a little something extra! Land O’Frost is giving all relatives of “Sandwich” (that’s Sammy, Sam, Samuel or Samantha or similar variations) another reason to mark the holiday. In the fun tradition of the nickname, Land O’Frost is giving a free lifetime supply of lunch meat to the first baby named Sam (or some variation) born on Nov. 3rd (how’s THAT for a birthday present!?) In addition, the company will be offering a free package of lunch meat to each and every person named Sam in the U.S. – and if you’re wondering, that’s an estimated 150,000 people (and counting) in the US. Another fun fact, according to the Social Security Association, the name Samuel is 24 on the list of 2010 most popular names, and Samantha ranked 15 among females in 2010.

Land O’Frost is also making it their goal to congratulate “every single Sam” on Twitter with a special tweet. For everyone named Sam or Samantha that tweets and follows the company back at @LandOFrost will be donating $1 to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)*.

 I am so hungry right now!

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  1. Becky Jane

    I am so hungry!
    My favorite sandwich is chicken breast on an italian cheesey bun with provolone cheese, lots of fresh vegs, sweet onion dressing and southwestern dressing!

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