Marina Games – Take Out Review

As a child growing up, our Holiday gatherings  always consisted of some games. I have now brought that tradition to my own family with my kids. I taught my two older kids (6yr and 9yrs)  Marina Games – Take Out  Took a few times before they had it down though!
Here’s how it works!
To start out the player going first rolls the 10 red dice, then rolls the two white dice. The total that shows up on both white dice must be removed from the red dice. For example, rolling 3 and a 4, you would have rolled a 7. Now you’ll  take out any of the Red dice that would add up to 7 =  4,3 – 5,2 – 6,1- and so on, but only one combination.  After the player picks their combination the next player rolls the white dice removing any combination that matches the white dice roll. You repeat this until there’s nothing else to take out. Once there’s no combination to be removed the player will add the total of all remaining dice. If a player is able to remove all the red dice, they have a total take out, receiving a point value of -10.  Each player starts with 50, and the object is to not score 150. So you will be adding, and subtracting depending on how well you did. The first player to reach 150 is out, and you keep playing till there’s one left standing!
Older kids, about  8+ would be great at this.My 6yr old is great with number but she got bored with it and a little upset when she had to start adding too much.  Takes a little getting used too but after they figure it out,  it’s fun! A great way to get in some math during the holidays while enjoying it at the same time!
Marina Games -Take Out would be a great stocking stuffer this season, or bring it along when you visit the family for some fun!
**Disclosure- I received the product mentioned above in order to write an honest review. No monetary compensation was received for this post. I did not have to write an positive review, Any and all opinions are and will always be my own.* 

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