What are you Thankful for?

There’s plenty to be thankful for throughout the year, everyday in fact. I tell my kids all the time, just be thankful for what they have, as they really have no place to complain about the little things.

 This past weekend, it was raining. Making us pretty much stuck inside for the start of their Thanksgiving break. With all their complaints about this and that  I finally ended up asking them what would happen if they didn’t have a house to be in. They didn’t get what I was asking them until I opened the door and asked them if they’d rather be stuck outside in the wind and rain. Maybe have to be cold all day  if we didn’t have heat to warm up their bedrooms with. Simple blankets to snuggle up with, a pillow to lay on, a snack during the day or even three meals a day. What would happen then? Would they complain about what they didn’t have compared to what they did have?

 They thought I was the meanest Mom alive! They thought I was going to take it all away from them, but they finally got the idea later in the day. Instead of complaining about things left and right, they ended up playing together and appreciating the fact that they had each other to play with. For most the weekend though  they still  hated me for even bringing up the idea up, suddenly worried I’d be taking Christmas away from them even! That wasn’t my intention, but it made them stop and think.
 It’s those little things, the everyday things we all take for granted.  Hopefully my kids will continue to  appreciate and  be more thankful for what they have at the moment.

Have you asked your kids what they are thankful for this season?

3 thoughts on “What are you Thankful for?

  1. SocialStudiesSoubrette

    Little Bit is thankful for tractors. He tells me a zillion times a day ;D

    Cool that you got the little ones to take a minute to think about things. We really are so richly blessed. Sometimes it's easy to forget how easy we have it.

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