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We all have those disorganized days where nothing seems to go right, but I think during the Holidays it gets even worse . We are rushing to get things done, hosting some dinners, or parties. School parties, cookie exchanges, the never ending gift wrapping sessions! Let’s face it, Holidays can be very hectic, but it doesn’t mean you can’t keep organized!
Rubbermaid just launched a new a new online program that can help get you better organized! It’s called Ask the Organizer Program. You can ask the experts and get answers , tips and more from the Certified Professional Organizers on the Rubbermaid’s team.

When you check out the site, there’s a list of the most recent questions and answers to browse through. The top one today is how to get a child  organized. The tip was to make a check list, a laminated one at that with words and pictures. What a great idea! It would work perfectly for my kids.

 Kids would feel more responsible about keeping things together and they can earn stickers or rewards for keeping on track with it.  Last year when my kids were completely disorganized come morning time, I came up with my own plan to help us out.

  My husband built a shoe and coat cubby for our kids!  It sits right inside our entry way.

Even the youngest knows when you walk in the house you take your shoes off and put the shoes away in the cubby. My school kids know to hang their coats , backpacks up and place folders or school papers on top of the cubby each afternoon. This way, it’s all in one place, I know where the papers are, and when it comes time to do their homework, they know where it is. After homework it goes right back up on the cubby. Come morning time, there’s no rushing around trying to figure out where it is. (though it still happens time to time)

No matter what  my kids are learning to be more responsible and it makes my life a little easier if they can keep track of their own items even if it is one folder, a pair of shoes and their backpacks. It’s one less thing I have to deal with, and they feel great when I point out how well they are organized.

Do you do anything to help teach your kids to be organized?

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  1. Grace

    My best plan of organization when my children were young was to always have the same place for their backpacks and have them ready for the morning. It made school life go so much more smoother.

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