In the Garden

It’s been pretty windy here this week. Within days of the stormy weather nearly every tree in our yard lost each and every last leaf on it’s branches. I racked and cleaned up the yard last weekend. This weekend so far I’ve racked five times. Guess what’s still on the ground? I figured if the wind just doesn’t die down, I won’t pick up the rack again, seems fair don’t you think?

After I took a break and went back outside this was waiting for me. As if the wind lined the leaves up to mock me.

I had a lot of other work to do in the yard besides the leaves.
 The second set of baby carrots which I planted for the fall garden were ready to harvest this weekend.
More beans, making 6 complete harvests for the Scarlet Runner beans this year so far. More tomatoes, yes if you can believe it, more. Mostly it’s down to the Roma and Sweet 100’s.
Besides all the leaves, I weeded out the cold frame, and planted more carrots as well as Mustard. It’s our favorite, and if planted every 10-12 days you can be harvesting non stop throughout the year! Sounds great doesn’t it? That was my plan, and along with the lettuce and other greens, they will be growing straight through the long cold winter months and into spring!

2 thoughts on “In the Garden

  1. Becky Jane

    I'm terrible about raking the leaves. We actually have the biggest tree in our town sitting in our yard…not to mention all the other trees we have…I wait until the March winds blow as many leaves as possible away before raking our yard!

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