Quick Holiday Wreath

Last year my son went to one of the local winery to learn how to make wreaths for school. They took the old grapes vines and weaved them into circles all afternoon. It was pretty fun for the kids.

He brought home this wonderful wreath

I put some wire around the grape vines to keep them together a little better. He did a great job with it!

He didn’t want flowers on it though which I was going to use at first. He also didn’t want ribbons, or anything “girly” so it took me awhile to convince him to let me do anything with it. I wanted it up for the holidays to enjoy all his hard work! So I put lights all over it, and this is how it turned out.

It goes on our front door, but I set it up in his room for a day so he could enjoy it.

The other kids wanted in on the wreath making so while I was tangled up in lights, they were getting sticky with some glue and tissue paper! The easiest Wreath ever! Ta-Da!

Pretty isn’t it? All you need is a paper plate, with the middle cut out of the center. Some glue, green and a few other colored tissue paper and a ribbon to glue at the top. Let the kids have at it, it’s such a simple craft and they always turn out awesome. You can keep them for years and enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Quick Holiday Wreath

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