Sea-Band for Adults & Kids Review and Giveaway **CLOSED**

My kids get car sick, not just sick, it’s like something just explodes! Twenty minutes is the very tops they can due, so imagine if you will four kids in the car for nearly five hours. After twenty minutes one of them blows, then the next, and so on. This was what happened a few years ago when we went on vacation. Believe me when I say it was the absolute worst trip ever in my life. There was nothing we could do for the kids, nothing but keep pulling over, cleaning them off and pushing forwards only to end up turning around and doing it all over ago to go home.

It. Was. Horrible.

Since then we’ve gone nowhere, just places we know they can handle, which isn’t much fun. We have never found anything that helps the kids, and it can make for a pretty horrible summer vacation. We didn’t want to use any pills or give them medication, I’m highly against that to begin with. We tried once, that was it, once and I vowed never to do it again. It made my child horribly cranky, he got headaches and was even worse off them just being sick.  How does that help? It doesn’t, not one bit.

We are pretty much stuck, or at least we were. We have found a secret weapon, one that doesn’t harm the kids, doesn’t alter their moods, is safe and actually does the job!  Sea Bands!

The wrist bands use a principle of ancient Chinese art of acupressure. The bands are using a constant gentle pressure against inner side of your wrist. This cause the nervous system to release chemicals that help trigger the body’s natural healing abilities. You can use the bands at any time, before, during and even after the onset of nausea for effective relief. Safe on kids, adults , you can even use them while pregnant!
Do they work? YES!
My son has car sickness the worst out of all the kids. It can hit him less than 20 minutes and it won’t ever stop. It takes him out for nearly half a day once it starts.  He has used the Sea Bands for awhile even before I applied to review these Sea Bands. It does help him, he can go much further in a car now, but the sickness still hits, thankfully not as horribly as it does without the bands. Our second secret weapon to help him knock the car sickness right away ? Anti Nausea Ginger gum. It’s a life saver, I could just hug the person who’s made this available because it helps so much!
Gluten Free too!

You chew two pieces of this gum, not the best flavor but my son doesn’t mind it at all. He recently went on a long field trip and I packed him the gum as well as the Sea Bands. He came back all smiles. He felt sick during the ride before he chewed the gum and he said it went right away. Do you know how happy that makes me? My son was finally able to enjoy a ride, to not feel horrible for a field trip, to make it to and back enjoying something! I about cried, and I’m not joking. He’s almost 10 years old, he’s been car sick all his life, and as a parent you feel heart broken to see your child constantly suffering just to go to a store once in awhile. 

I highly recommend these Sea Bands, as well as the Anti Nausea Ginger Gum. They are drug free, perfectly safe to use at any time of the day, in any situation. Best of all, they WORK!

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