Sister Schubert’s New Soft Pretzel Rolls and Mini Baguettes Review & Giveaway! **CLOSED**

Sister Schubert’s New Mini Baguettes and Soft Pretzel rolls graced our tables this past week. Ready in just under 10 minutes (if thawed) makes the homemade pre-baked rolls or baguettes a great addition to any meal when you want.

First thing I like about the Soft Pretzel rolls, it’s versatility . Makes a great snack for the kids after school. They are ready in seven minutes which means if your putting together a last minute dinner, you can still have these rolls. I took them out frozen, and was still able to bake them up nice and warm for my family last minute. The kids adored them, I barely got a bite. Half pretzel half roll, they were soft, with a homemade taste. We loved them!

The New Mini Baguettes were a little different for my kids. They did not enjoy them, I on the other hand loved them! I had made steak with mushroom sauce (gravy) so I had the perfect way to eat these, dipping them! The Baguettes have a crispy crust, which I just love. The middle was softer, and airy just like Baguettes should be, so I really enjoyed them. They make a perfect appetizer and or dipping . Just like the Soft Pretzel’s you can get these out of the freezer and bake them up quickly. They bake (thawed) in seven minutes. If frozen, they take a tad longer but under 15 minutes. Last minute dinner? No problem again, just pop these in the oven while you are putting everything else together!

Sister Schubert’s Mini Baguettes are available in the grocer’s freezer section for $3.79 , (prices may vary.) The bag holds 6. The Soft Pretzel Rolls are also $3.79 for a six count bag. You can see if Sister Schubert’s
products are available in your area right here
Would you like to try them out yourself? Here’s your chance!

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