Winter Break

 It’s been pretty crazy around here lately. Nothing new to me, but it’s not easy to get any computer time which is why I’m not around posting much these days when school is out .

What has been going on around here? Tons, say with the never ending leaves in the yard I’m always busy! I’m beginning to dread walking outside to look at the leaves, it’s everyday, yet the trees are nearly bare. Either someone is messing with me or my kids are emptying the yard bin and kicking all the leaves back around again. I swear it’s never ending!

My cold frame garden is not nearly at it’s peak yet. I picked some greens for our Christmas dinner and they were so good!

In a few weeks I will start planting for the summer garden! Think I planned out my 2012 garden when I was still planting for 2011, crazy I know but that’s the best time to do it.
If you follow me on my personal facebook you saw the jewelry box my husband finished for one of our daughters. He’s made two now, the next will be for our youngest. Here are the pictures from beginning to finish.
He completely enclosed the box, before cutting it to make the lid.

Tray is easy to remove

Finished being stained, and coated with high gloss finish! It’s so beautiful in person. There’s hints of reds, golds, just beautiful. Hard to get a good picture of it. There’s pink padding in the tray, as well as the inside.
Here’s what it looks like closed, it’s it pretty?
I never posted a few other projects he’s finished, the Toy box, the wine wrack, all of which I’ll share when I get the chance. We have other projects going on, so stick around for those! As I said, it’s been crazy busy around here! 🙂  

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