Cutting Glass Bottles – DIY Project

I was skimming Pinterest when I came across this DIY cutting glass tutorial. It was simple and a great way to re-use the bottles. Trial and error though, it takes some getting used too before you have it down.

I did it a couple different ways, first was with the nail polish  which is listed in the link above, which does work, but the thicker the bottle the more you need to keep working at it. I found that scoring the glass and then using the hot/cold water method also works, just be patient. My last method that worked as well was scoring the glass and taking a flame to it, then dipping it into the cold ice water. This was the easiest and I got much cleaner lines out of it.

Since I needed two hands this was the only picture I could take while cutting the glass.

I scored the glass with a simple glass cutter.
The edges still need to be polished , which takes the most time.
The Finished project!

The top of the bottle was used for the “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree” A tabletop centerpiece, I’ll use it to hold some flower cuttings my kids bring me .

 There you have it, cutting glass at home with just things on hand. You don’t need the glass cutter, it does work without, but it also takes a little more patience. I’m having a lot of fun with this project, still working on a few other pieces and I’ll share them when they are finished!

Keep on crafting! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Cutting Glass Bottles – DIY Project

  1. This Girl...

    Love that you love pinterest…I'm addicted!

    What a cool project! Love your blog. I'm following now:)

    Stop on by mine if you can for a little laugh.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Grace

    I was thinking about this the other day when I saw all these bottles my husband has not thrown away. I thought I'm going to have to see if Melanie has posted how to make glasses/vases out of bottles.
    These are really great!

  3. NicoleB

    I thought this was a neat project and I wanted to try it. Unfortunately I was out of nail polish remover. So my husband used 70% rubbing alcohol on the yarn and it worked great! It was really easy, even though I let him do it the first time! Thanks for the project idea!

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