Did you Know Tuesday – Make an easy Fertilizer for plants

I’ve shared before the great use of egg shells in the garden.There’s many uses for them, you can crush them up to keep snails away while at the same time  feeding the soil around your plants. I’ve even started my seedlings in the eggshells which can be directly transferred right outside. (if you do start your seedlings in eggshells before you plant them directly outside crush up the egg. Otherwise they won’t break down in the soil therefore not putting any nutrients into the soil your plants need. )

Another great way to use the shells it to make an easy fertilizer for both house plants or plants in the garden.

What to do :

Take left over eggshells and soak them in water for about 3 days. Remove the shells and crush them up to sprinkle around plants or mix up into the soil. Use the water on plants where ever it’s needed. During the summer you can use the water on tomato plants which help ward off blossom end rot. Simple, easy, and effective!

Another Tip :
If you had some coffee grounds you can use them just as easily in the garden .Coffee grounds add nitrogen to the soil, so you may use both the shells and grounds with each other. Just mix it up into the soil around your plants.

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