Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2012!

This year brings excitement for me as well as one of my children. My second oldest daughter will be going to Kindergarten this year! Which will be leaving me with just one child at home for half a day. It was something to get used to with one child at school, then in 2010 my oldest daughter went to school. It was as if someone put ear plugs in, the house just was way to quiet even with two kids still there! Having 3 kids out of the house? It’s leaving me a bit puzzled as to what that would sound like. Think of a jet plane roaring in your ears and suddenly, having it shut off. Your ears still hum, but there’s silence. Pretty strange, but I am really excited to see another one of my kids growing up!
Lots of new projects will happen this year, we are *fingers crossed please* looking for a house in the area we live in. It’s pretty fun going to a house with someone who knows construction inside and out. Within the first thirty seconds they can tell you what’s going on with a house they didn’t even step into.  The other day we checked out two houses, which were pretty beaten down. It doesn’t steer us away, in fact it makes us plan.   We both really enjoy fixing things, a fixer upper house is perfect for us. We can easily see such potential in something no one else cares for. It’ll be fun, as well as exciting if it happens this year.
The year is already full of great potential so I am looking forward to all of it!
Do you make nay resolutions, or set goals for the New Year? Never really have myself, until today. I walked outside and stared at the ground telling myself, today, first day of the New Year, will be the day I get all these darn leaves taken care of!!

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Grace

    That will be a change to have one at home. I think it is good when they have 1/2 day for kindergarten. Here they have a full day and I think that is too long for that age group.

  2. SocialStudiesSoubrette

    What a fun year you have ahead of you Melanie! I am so excited that your looking at homes. I am thinking of all the fun renovation blog posts I will be reading ;D

    Our home is going through just the opposite in noise levels. I pray, pray, PRAY that we will bring Sissy home from Ethiopia this year. It is my goal/resolution/prayer for the year ;D

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