Mustard Greens Ham & Beans

We all have those busy days where dinner is the last thing we want to deal with, even first thing in the morning. With the busy holidays and all finally coming to a close around here I am tuckered out by baking and cooking. There’s so many other things to be done, so I threw a couple things into the slow cooker the other day and was surprised at the out come.

Since this was a throw together meal I have no measurements at all. I boiled boiled a bag of bean, rinsed and added them to the slow cooker.(since I was going to cook it all day I didn’t pre-soak them over night, but you can do that if you like)  Chopped up a medium sized onion and tossed that in with chopped celery, couple garlic cloves and the whole ham bone. It came off of a 8lb ham, still a good chunk of meat on it About two cups of vegetable broth and then added pepper before adding in chopped mustard leaves from the garden. I picked about 10 large leaves. When you cook greens by themselves you always make sure they are covered with liquid. Cooking in the slow cooker though you always come out with more juice in the end, so don’t go crazy adding too much liquid. The greens were just barely covered when I set it  on medium for the entire day. It cooked for 6 hours just until the beans were tender. * Don’t forget to take the bone out as well, the meat should have fallen all off but if not just cut it off and add it back in.
The dish came out a thick hearty soup, great for eating with rolls or bread. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Mustard Greens Ham & Beans

  1. momto8

    the soup look yummy! Once I grew mustard greens in the prolific! but i real;y didn't know what to do with them! now i know I could have made soup!

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