My Recipe Challenge!

In 2010 when my kids wouldn’t stop complaining about what we were eating for dinner I threw my hands up! They only wanted certain things, over and over. I was tired of repeats, which brought me to fun challenge for the entire month of February that year. Try a brand new recipe each and every day. Once the month was up,  I kept going with the idea though. It changed the way I planned meals, making it a habit to get at least 3 new recipes in each week.

The Challenge is fun for me, as well as the kids. They get excited to try something new and I have them help me as much as possible. It’s important that my kids learn now while they are young to try new things and not put it down before they try it out themselves. After all you can’t say you don’t like it unless you’ve tried it!

The last week or so I’ve been  putting together my menu plan for next month. Whether the recipe fails, or we don’t like it, the recipe will still be posted.  Just because we didn’t do it right or like it doesn’t mean someone else won’t enjoy it!

So, stay tuned for February. Every day a new recipe will be posted! You don’t want to miss a single day, trust me on this!

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