Project in the works – Knife Block

Few months ago my husband built a knife block for my mother. It came out great, you can see the picture here. After several other projects we finally got around to the idea of building our own. Here are the plans so far

We had to go through our knives and decide which ones we wanted in the block. Measured each, length, width, and thickness of the blades before mapping out where each would go. 

This picture is what it will look like from the sides, unless my husband changes it, which he normally does right in the middle of building it.

We haven’t decided really about the bottom half of it, where the steak knives will go. If it is higher than the larger block the handles of the knives should all be even this way. If we move the steak knife block down, the handles will be lower than the larger knives on top. May not make a difference to most, but I grab the larger knives the most, so if another handle is in the way it could make a huge difference. 
Other than that little decision we just have to pick out the wood we will use and we can get a start on it! 🙂

You can see the finished project here!

3 thoughts on “Project in the works – Knife Block

  1. Grace

    Hey I vote we start a commune together! With your husbands wood working skills and my husbands pottery skills we can have a thriving community. That will leave you and I free time to just shop. LOL

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