Recipe Challenge: Day 4 – Eggs in a Nest

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Woke up starving this morning, couldn’t wait to try this recipe this morning. My friend in passing just blurted it out. There’s no recipe to follow she simply said, “Fry an egg on bread” Really? That’s it? OK. That was really all she said, crack an egg over a piece of bread and fry it.

So I cracked an egg over bread and attempted to fry it. Attempted is the word you should pay attention to. It did not fry, no, it went something like “SPLAT” and all over my skillet when I tried to flip it. The bread was toasted though, now there was that. But the egg turned into a huge mess.

Take 2! She said this was “Eggs in a Nest” So the bread, of course is the nest, nests hold things. I indented the bread with the bottom of the glass to make a little nest for the egg. It helped a little, but when I went to flip the bread and egg, the egg simply fell right off again, thus creating another mess. By now I was wondering what I’m doing wrong,  should already be eating by now.  This shouldn’t be so hard at all!

Take 3!  Cut the center out, cracked the egg in the center and fried. Flipped, egg fell out. Having failed 3 times in a row, I decided , after eating the failures of course that I can’t waste anymore eggs or bread.

I was not going to give up!
Take 4!

Look Eggs in a Nest πŸ™‚




Heat up some butter in a skillet while you butter your bread on both sides, and cut out the center ( used a small cookie cutter) . Place bread in the heated skillet and place the egg in center. This should be on medium heat.  Toast the center piece of the bread you cut out as well, I know some like runny eggs, so you can use that to dip into your eggs later.
The trick of this is, to wait until the egg white is cooked on the bottom enough that it’ll stick to the bread. If you flip too soon, the egg will just slip out of the bread. Flip it carefully and cook to your liking. That’s it really. I gave you more directions then I was given so hopefully it works out for you! Ha ha ha

It tasted good, I loved it, fresh egg in toasted bread! I made about 4 others and no complaints from the kids. Now that I have it down to a science, I’ll be making it much more, and hopefully without anymore failures. πŸ™‚


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