“Can’t Wait” Sounds of South Africa from Grenadilla

We love music in this house. Music is a big part of our day, whether we are cleaning up, playing a game or reading a book there’s some sort of music on. I even have music playing in the kitchen while I put together meals. My kids end up dancing along with me and singing with the music while they help bake.

I choose music of different styles so the kids are constantly being exposed to a wide variety. They enjoy pretty much all of it and can easily jump into a chorus in the middle of a store when they hear a song they like. My kids have even belted out a few tunes on our walks to school. The best time to listen to music? Just about any moment of the day!

Our new favorite album  is “Can’t Wait” from Grenadilla (pronounce “gren-a-dill-a”) The upbeat, fun and catchy songs bring sounds of South Africa right to our living room.

Can't Wait

My kids can already sing the “Doodle Doodle Doodle Doodle Doo” song that makes you just want to jump in and dance.

After the first time we listened to the entire album I encouraged the kids to try and pick out the sounds they heard within the songs. They could name most all of the instruments, and we all learned a new one. The birdlike pennywhistle! I was excited when my older kids said it sounded like a flute, but wasn’t. We all discovered some new sounds within “Can’t Wait.” It’s great to encourage the kids to stop and listen, then enjoy what they are hearing. Music is an amazing teaching tool with all ages.

If you are Looking for some fun new music to expose the kids too,  you should check out “Can’t Wait” from Grenadilla which came out earlier this month. You can check out some of the songs and enjoy them right now here.  Encourage the kids to get up and dance, make music part of your day and enjoy new sounds! For more information visit, grenadillasings.com

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