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EcoSTORE USA has entrered in to the Walmart “GET ON THE SHELF” contest. With your support from voting for our video we want you to help us bring non-toxic, healthy products to the shelves of Walmart stores!
It’s easy to vote, simply click this button  Vote in Get On The Shelf  and vote for EcoSTORE USA Voting ends April 3rd

EcoSTORE USA products provide safe, healthy alternatives to everyday brands, while at the same time featuring outstanding performance and value for the dollar.

 On February 1st, 2012, EcoSTORE USA permanently reduced their pricing from 25-50% depending upon the product. No waiting for a sale on their fabulous line of Household, Personal Care and Baby products. Also, all ecoSTORE USA products are plant and mineral based and free of toxic ingredients. That is why we like to say No Nasty ChemicalsTM.

What are you waiting for? Go vote to get them!

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