March 25, 2012

Grow More Food & Fight Climate Change: Black Revolution

You all know how passionate I am about gardening and finding safer more natural items to use within my garden and home. I want you to check out this Food Project on KickStarter about a new soilless growth media for plants. Containing biochar, coconut husk and compost. The point? Biochar is a charcoal soil made from waste that actually improves nutrient retention. It grabs onto nutrients normally washed away and improves the soil. Biochar also offsets CO2 and can help reduce the atmospheric carbon!

Here's a quick video that explains it better, after the video check out the project and even back it up with a donation!


  1. You can also place the ornament in various areas in home or office. This gives a refreshing feeling.

  2. To fight climate change you have to grow more food. The post has given details here