More rain!

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The weather is just not working with me lately. Our spring break was filled with rain, rain, and you guessed it more rain. We’re expected to get more rain all this week which just puts a damper on my garden plans.
When it isn’t raining it’s windy so let’s just say little to nothing is getting done outside.

I have spent the last few rainy weeks making garden plans. Tons of them, then I re-write them. Then my kids get a hold of them and doodle or scribble, drop sauce or juice on it…and that makes me do it over again. It keeps me busy at least as the rain is getting to me.

Here watch the rain with me!

This was taking this morning from my back porch.

2 thoughts on “More rain!

  1. Becky Jane

    Whoa girl, that's a LOT of rain. Living in the desert, we only dream of such storms. Maybe you could send some our way. Sounds like it's time for bright colored balloons and a bouquet of cheerful flowers! Sending some sunshine to you…

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