Garden Update – An Exciting Find !

This years summer garden is proving to be difficult. The weather was nice and warm, then rainy for weeks. Warm again, then out of no where frost.
  My 3rd batch, yes I said 3rd batch of seedlings is gone. I have run out of my harvested seeds from last year. A year or two ago I was on my 4th batch that took off finally, so it has happened before, the worry though is getting to me.

 Spent a lot of time out in the garden preparing for plants that aren’t even grown yet, wondering where to get my new seeds from, what kinds, will they be reliable and so on. The last few years I’ve been growing from my own harvested seeds, so it’s been awhile to have to go out and buy new ones. There’s certain kinds I want as well so my list was started. In the midst of all that I tore through a big patch of sticky bushes and found this.

Somehow, someway this baby squash found it’s way in a thick bush in the darkest corner of my yard. Hidden, tucked away since last year it stayed untouched. It’s so thin the wind blew it out of my hand when I picked it up. I turned it over, marveled at how well it was preserved and three little seeds came out.
Do you know how happy that made me!? I’m telling you I almost crushed this when they fell in my hand, I was just that excited!

I planted them indoors and had a new found energy towards the garden again. Hope was resorted ! This was just what I needed to get a little push forwards. If this baby squash can hold out all winter, I can certainly keep trying myself. šŸ™‚ Now if only the weather will work with me, I’d have a better start!

Happy Easter Everyone, enjoy your day!

6 thoughts on “Garden Update – An Exciting Find !

  1. My Journey With Candida

    We haven't planted our seeds outdoors yet. In Pennsylvania you never know what the weather is going to be like.

    I have a lot of seeds indoors and can't wait to get them out.

    I hope your garden starts doing better soon.

  2. Becky Jane

    Yipeeee for little miracles. I appreciate your comment about if it can survive then you can keep trying. It's little things like this that DO keep us trying! Hoping that this time your garden will work and not freeze!

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