Garden Update- Hidden Surprises

I totally forgot to post about what I found in the garden this while weeding through the flowers this weekend. I was so busy posting the wild flower pictures that these were skipped right over. Even though I’ve had a rocky start to the summer vegetable garden it’s on it’s way now. My seedlings are in the process of being transplanted into bigger containers. They aren’t big enough to be left outside just yet but in a couple week they will be.

 In between the rocks and sticky bushes I found some tomato plants. These can be, Roma, Cherry, or Sweet 100’s as those are the three plants that were in the area last year and year before. I’m telling you I keep finding these each year!

These are Cherry Tomatoes without a doubt as if you look around the roots, that’s the tomato skin.  I found another interesting find with complete squash shell intact a few weeks ago. take a look here, it’s pretty neat!
The best thing about this, besides the fact that they are free, and I didn’t have to tend to them at all yet is, they are already hardy enough to stay outside. Tomato plants are recommended to be started inside well before the last frost date, then slowly brought outside to get used to the weather before you fully transplant them. In this case they started on their own so I’ll just end up digging them up carefully and separating them like I have in the past. They will most likely produce first even though my seedlings inside are taller. I’ve noticed that over the years since this started happening, the more hardy the plant started out to be the better and quicker it produces. 
I cannot wait for my tomatoes this year! If you missed my wild flower post, it’s over here and I have about 100 seeds of them if anyone would like them 🙂 

7 thoughts on “Garden Update- Hidden Surprises

  1. Rebecca L

    That is so neat! We usually do our tomatoes in a container and place a plastic bag over the seeds so they stay moist. I'm kinda sad we didn't get any this year. Hope you get lots of yummy harvest!

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