Garden Update- It finally stopped raining!

The rain has stopped! Or at least for a day or two.
 I jumped on outside to do as much work as I could. Weeded through strawberries, plucked out snails (gross) got the bean/pole string tied back up. That took way too much time than I had originally thought. Once I finally finished I got half the Scarlet Runner beans planted.  Cannot wait for these again, they form such a wonderful cascade of red flowers and huge beans. Peas will go in about next week.

Tons of things are going on , I’m in different stages of plants. Winter garden is still over flowing but soon needs to make way for Spring items. I have short season tomatoes ready to go outside, and first half of lettuce of different kinds. Lettuce I may add doesn’t always germinate if it’s too hot, and they also need some shade from heat later in the summer. I’ve mapped out several plans so that other plants will be creating a shadow for my lettuce greens.

Then there’s the summer garden plants, which are being planted in rotations so I will constantly be harvesting, constantly planting. Knew it would be tons more work and of course I do not mind, but I rely heavily on the weather conditions.With all the stormy weather plants are stuck inside longer then they should be. Crazy as always, here’s hoping the weather starts working with me!

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